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I doubt anyone will be around here to see this, but...
...I'm fairly new to the Benny universe (only on Series 7, shame on me) but I love it to bits. And this was the only community that was about the audio series, so I decided to join. I've been writing a fair bit of fanfiction for it lately, but only one has been posted so far.

Maybe we could get this community up and running again?
Title: Doctor Who, Jesse, and Jeremy 126
Chapter 126: Remembrance of the Companions part two
Rating: R – X
The Doctor is currently moving back through his past selves as he degenerates. Current: Laying dying, possibly for the last time, the Doctor, still trapped in his very old Fourth Doctor Leisure Hive Recreation Generator body, recalls when as the Tenth Doctor, he revisited everyone of his former companions all over time and space. This time, he visits Fitz, Grace, Chang Lee, Benny, Benny's son Peter, Hex, Hugh, Janet, brunette Sam, blond Sam, Kroton, Grant, Jeremy Fitzoliver, Ace, Evelyn, Mel, Frobisher, Peri, Nyssa of Terminus, Olvir, Tegan, Turlough, Matthew, and a certain space freighter...

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Title: ‘Til Ancient Alien Ceremony Do Us Part
Fandom: Bernice Summerfield (Big Finish)
Wordcount: 1700ish
Rating: PG for swearing
Characters: Benny/Jason, Brax (with hits of Benny/Brax as well)
Prompt(s): Written for as part of morepolitics.
Summary: Jason accidentally forgets to tell Benny that if she puts on the nice bracelet he's just 'bought' for her, they'll become soulbonded. Possibly forever. And, er, maybe hear each other's thoughts. Possibly forever. Benny is not pleased. (Set around series 3 of the audio series.)

‘Til Ancient Alien Ceremony Do Us Part

Unwhosual - a prompt fic comm

FAQ | Rules | Round One | Fills

unwhosual is a prompt comm for Doctor Who
intending to cover ships, spin-offs and crossovers
typically glossed over, that the fandom at large has
moved on from, or which nobody has thought to do
before. Membership is open and posting unmoderated,
and you can prompt as many ideas as you like,
and you can fill as many prompts as you like.

Morepolitics sign ups

[community profile] morepolitics is now open for sign ups until January 11th 2013.

This is a gift exchange so you leave prompts and receive a piece of fanfic, fanart, or podfic created for your prompts. The fic you nominate for podfic does not have to be your own - you just need permission from the author.

[community profile] morepolitics is a fest focused on 'Gallifrey' (the audio series) and this year also Bernice Summerfield (in any medium). It's running on Dreamwidth for the first time.

Sign-up here using DW or using OpenID.

Two Benny Fics

One of these is from this year's Yuletide, the other is slightly older. Both are set in the Benny 'verse--one very much Benny-centric, the other Brax-centric but with Benny as a supporting character.

Title: Like Clockwork
Fandom(s): Gallifrey (BFA), Bernice Summerfield (BFA), Doctor Who
Rating: R, for sexual content and Braxian mindgames
Pairing/Characters: Romana (I and II)/Irving Braxiatel, plus appearances by or mentions of many members of the Benny and Gallifrey casts
Word Count: 33,500
Summary: Irving Braxiatel, master manipulator, has been playing a very long game where Romana is concerned. What precisely victory will mean for him, however, is a question yet to be determined.
AN: This story is set post-S4 for the Gallifrey cast, and somewhere between mid-S3 and mid-S4 for the Benny crew. It should be easily accessible for Gallifrey fans who have not heard Benny, but might be tougher for Benny fans who haven’t heard Gallifrey, because of the focus on the Romana-Brax dynamic.

It hasn’t ever been about possession. None of it—nothing he does, has ever done—is about that.

Title: Personal Archaeology
Fandom: Bernice Summerfield (Big Finish Audio), Doctor Who
Characters: Benny, Jason, Peter, River Song
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: One volume of Benny Summerfield's diary is a peculiar shade of blue, and full of someone else's memories.

Like every other artifact in the Braxiatel Collection, Bernice Summerfield Has Been Saved.


Dead and Buried is up and is utterly fantastic! And the perfect prequel to series 11!

Go watch it now! http://bernicesummerfield.co.uk


This week's Big Finish podcast is (mostly) about Benny! David Richardson talks to Lisa Bowerman about season 11 and Dead And Buried. You can download it through itunes or stream it on the Big Finish site. (Though just to warn anyone who's a few seasons behind, there's some pretty major spoilers for - season 8, I think (I am very behind myself!) in the clip they play.)

Animated Benny!

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

A couple of days ago, Big Finish announced the most exciting news I've ever heard: Bernice Summerfield is going to be animated! In September, they will release a free, 10 minute animation of Benny called Dead and Buried. The animation is by the incredibly talented Alex Mallinson.

I, for one, simply cannot wait for this! Next step: Benny (played by Lisa Bowerman, obviously) in the new series!

Link from Big Finish.

Series 11

Tiny Benny update:

At the convention yesterday, Lisa Bowerman announced that she has recorded three of the four audios for series 11. Series 11 is split into two parts. From the sounds of it, the first two stories finish off teh Braxiatel arc, and stories three and four take Benny in a new direction. And Lisa seemed to think that series 11 will be out in August, but she wasn't entirely sure.

I also saw a Lisa and Sarah Mowatt give a live performance of Closure today at the Apollo Cinema Piccadilly (with Simon Guerrier reading the stage directions). That was incredable! And Simon gave me his script!

Making Myths available FREE

Lisa Bowerman (Benny) and Sarah Mowat (Keri) star in Making Myths, by Jacqueline Rayner. This story was originally released on a limited edition CD entitled Buried Treasures back in 1999. This is the first time it's been available since then, and it's absolutely free to download now! Just click on the podcast button at www.bigfinish.com

I highly recommend listening to this audio. Its really sweet and funny.

AND there will be further free podcasts featuring material from the Buried Treasures CD over the next few weeks.

Bernice Summerfield and the Criminal Code is the latest in the companion chronicle range and it is absolutly brilliant! I can not recommend it enough! It is a wonderful story told by the very talented Lisa Bowerman.


How do you prefer to get your Benny fix?

Professor Bernice Surprise Summerfield has been around in book form since October 1992. Starting off as the Seventh Doctor's companion, she grew and became much more than just the companion. In May 1997 she got her own series. One year later, Lisa Bowerman became the voice of Benny with the release of her own audio series. 17 years later, Benny is still going strong in audio and book format. My question is, how do you like to get your Benny fix?

Poll #1448354 How you prefer to get your Benny fix?

How you prefer to get your Benny fix?

A combination of both
I only know Benny though one medium

I prefer a combination of audios and books, but leaning slightly more towards the audios because of Lisa Bowerman. However, one of my favourite Benny stories is the novel, The Glass Prison. If Big Finish did an audio adaptation of that story, I would be one very very happy girl!

The Inside Story

Who here has got Bernice Summerfield: The Inside Story?

I recieved my copy a couple of days ago, and I've not been able to put it down! Simon Guerrier has done an amazing job with this book. I'm incredably impressed and it was well worth the wait. There are lots of studio photos, backstage gossip and a copy of the postcard Stephen Fewell sent Lisa Bowerman after is was announced that she was going to play Bernice, saying 'give us a job!!!'. I have learnt so much about Benny, and I'm not even half way through the book yet! It is obvious how much love has gone into making this book, not only from the author but from many of the Benny writers, cast and Benny herself. I'm so glad that Simon didn't give up.

It's hard to believe that I only 'discovered' Benny in January (all thanks to Lisa!)

Cartoon Benny icons

In my continuing quest to iconize the Whoniverse, I've now made a set of mini-icons based on the Bernice Summerfield series, featuring Benny herself and a bunch of her friends and cohorts.


Find the full set of 42 at my journal.


The Company of Friends: Benny's Story

The Company of Friends has been released! Has anyone listened to Benny's story yet? What did you think?

I thoroughly enjoyed it: spoilersCollapse )

Benny Anniversary Podcast

The Benny Anniversary Podcast is available online now. David Richardson and Lisa Bowerman talk about series 10, the Inside Story, the Company of Friends, the lunches, conventions, Anneke Wills and many other things in this half hour podcast. It is very funny indeed.

The Inside Story

Bernice Summerfield: The Inside Story is finally going to be released! August 2009. And if you order it now, Simon Guerrier and Lisa Bowerman will sign it!


I've just listened to Summer of Love (thought it was completely brilliant!) but something has been bothering me, when did Peter go to live with Adrian? I've listened to all audios up to Summer of Love (excluding two from series 5) and I can't recall this happening. Does it happen in on of the books?

New Animated Who

Story here

It's not Benny, but hey, I'm not complaining.