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Two Benny Fics

One of these is from this year's Yuletide, the other is slightly older. Both are set in the Benny 'verse--one very much Benny-centric, the other Brax-centric but with Benny as a supporting character.

Title: Like Clockwork
Fandom(s): Gallifrey (BFA), Bernice Summerfield (BFA), Doctor Who
Rating: R, for sexual content and Braxian mindgames
Pairing/Characters: Romana (I and II)/Irving Braxiatel, plus appearances by or mentions of many members of the Benny and Gallifrey casts
Word Count: 33,500
Summary: Irving Braxiatel, master manipulator, has been playing a very long game where Romana is concerned. What precisely victory will mean for him, however, is a question yet to be determined.
AN: This story is set post-S4 for the Gallifrey cast, and somewhere between mid-S3 and mid-S4 for the Benny crew. It should be easily accessible for Gallifrey fans who have not heard Benny, but might be tougher for Benny fans who haven’t heard Gallifrey, because of the focus on the Romana-Brax dynamic.

It hasn’t ever been about possession. None of it—nothing he does, has ever done—is about that.

Title: Personal Archaeology
Fandom: Bernice Summerfield (Big Finish Audio), Doctor Who
Characters: Benny, Jason, Peter, River Song
Rating: PG
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: One volume of Benny Summerfield's diary is a peculiar shade of blue, and full of someone else's memories.

Like every other artifact in the Braxiatel Collection, Bernice Summerfield Has Been Saved.