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DWM #408

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but #408 has a three page article with Lisa written by Simon Guerrier.

Big Finish Benny update

It's not on the Big Finish site yet, but according to the latest issue of Vortex the Benny Companion Chronicle is going to be called The War of Words. It's by Eddie Robson and is due for release in January 2010 - bit of a long wait yet, but I'm really looking forward to this one.

Also, details of the four Season 10 releases are up on the Big Finish website (along with the cover for 10.1, which looks good!).


Braxiatel's regenerations

Odd continuity question that I figure someone here would know.  How many regenerations has Braxiatel had?  I've got four bodies:  Empire of Glass, the Gallifrey audios Brax (and Dellah?), the "facial surgery" mentioned in Tears of the Oracle, and then the Brax after the short story "Fear of Corners."  So three regenerations that we know of? 

21 quote icons

21 text-only icons from Oh No It Isn't. Some are fairly rude out of context.


Here at too_fiercely


Fic: Post-It Notes (Drabble)

I did a series of drabbles and for some reason three of them turned out to be Benny ones. So I thought I'd extract them and post them here (but see the link below if you want the whole lot).

Story: Drabbles from Love & Science (Post-It Notes, One Tiny Detail and Insanity)
Author: lost_spook</lj>
Rating All Ages

(Bernice Summerfield, Seventh Doctor, Twelfth Doctor, River Song, Eighth Doctor.)

Benny drabblesCollapse )
Just wanted to get the word out that the Audio Time Team will be back tomorrow and the session will involve The Poison Seas and Death and the Daleks. Entry should be up early Sunday evening.

Benny icons

I've been making loads of icons recently, including 15 Benny icons here.



audio question

Does anyone here have the audio of Oh No It Isn't!, which was Benny's first Doctorless New Adventure? If so, what's it like? Does the reality-warped, sentient, bipedal version of Wolsey the Cat get done well? (He was my favorite aspect of the book.)

I've reread ONII!, which I read once before a long time ago, but don't really have enough to say for a review. I'll comment that the fannish name-checking going on in those 1990s books always threw me hard out of the story. (Thud. Ow, I'm concussed.) In this case, a supporting character is named for Michael Doran, who was in DW fandom at the time. I have no idea if he still is, because I'm mostly not. *shrug* The saving grace of this sort of detail, though, is that it wouldn't mean much to Benny fans who are new to fandom.

(I thought I'd posted a bit of a review of ONII! online, somewhere between 1997 and 2001, but can't track it down on Google Groups. So, maybe I didn't. ...Oh, yes, I did! ... Oh, no, I didn't!...)

If anyone would like to post about the ONII! book or audio, please do.

Benny books

I've just brought my first Benny book, The Infernal Nexus. Do I need to have read The Squire's Crystal first? I have read the synopsis on drwhoguide.com so I know the basic plot to The Squire's Crystal. Since both books (and The Glass Prison) are all out of print, they are incredably hard to get hold of.


Fic: Surprise!

Title: Surprise!
Characters: Bernice Summerfield, Seventh Doctor
Rating:All Ages
Summary: The Doctor and Benny are in trouble and in the dark. Business as usual, dear diary, except for one small detail.

I come bearing fic. I have posted it elsewhere, and it is largely a piece of nonsense from a random pairing prompt, but here's hoping people enjoy. Benny deserves a community...

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I've posted seven Benny icons (plus eighteen others) at my journal.





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